Publisher Euprint (Heverlee, België) is at the moment the most active publisher of works by Jules Van Nuffel. They published many works in recent years:
• JJ2: Jesu, dulcis memoria
• JJ3: Ego sum panis vitae
• JJ4: Qui manducat me
• JJ6: O quam suavis est
• JJ10: Tantum ergo in Es
• JJ12: O Sacrum convivium
• JJ70: Veni sponsa Christi
• JJ95: Inclina, Domine
• JJ107: Te Deum in c
• JJ127: Oudvlaamsche Kerstliederen

Previously, most of Van Nuffels music was published by Schwann in Düsseldorf. They only publish telephone books at the moment. Some of these editions have been taken over by Edition Peters:
• JJ39: Ave Maria
• JJ76: Christus Vincit (gemengd koor)
• JJ75: Christus Vincit (herenkoor)
• JJ98: In convertendo Dominus
• JJ93: Missa in honorem Sancti Josephi
• JJ91: Missa in honorem SS. Cordis Jesu
• JJ56: O radix Jesse
• JJ77: Pater noster
• JJ97: Super flumina Babylonis

Some of those publications have been included in bundles by Carus Verlag in Stuttgart:
• JJ39: Ave Maria
• JJ56: O radix Jesse
• JJ102: Dominus regnavit
• JJ127: Een kint gheboren in Bethlehem
• JJ127: Nu sijt willecome

Flemish choir federation Koor&Stem published, together with Höflich (München), 'Romantic Choral Music from Flanders'. Three works by Van Nuffel have been included in this publication:
• JJ40: Sub tuum praesidium
• JJ47: Sicut Cedrus
• JJ39: Ave Maria